Factory Data

Three and four-cylinder petrol engines between 1.5 - 2.0 litre capacity for BMW and MINI. Machined components; crankshafts, cylinder heads and cylinder blocks.

MINI Plant Oxford (UK)
Partner plant Nedcar (Netherlands)
BMW Group Plant Leipzig (Germany)        
BMW Group Plant Regensburg (Germany)
BMW Group Plant Munich (Germany)
BMW Group Plant Steyr (Austria)
BMW Brilliance Automotive, Plant Shenyang (China)

Engines are despatched around the world to CKD Plants and for service parts.

Built to power
BMW and MINI vehicles (petrol derivatives), including the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car and BMW 225xe.

Engine components machined at the plant contribute a number of models in the BMW Group product range.

Plant investment
An initial investment of £400m was made to build the plant. 
Further investments were made 2001 - 2011 for technical updates and to introduce new a new engine family.

Investment in recent years has ensured the plant remains state-of-the-art. Brand-new equipment and machinery was installed as of part of the £750m BMW Group has spent on its UK manufacturing facilities since 2011 enabling production of next generation engines and growth in the production of machined parts.

Plant site
85 acres (343,986 sq m)

The plant directly supports the jobs of around 1,200 people.

Annual Production
2001    70,000
2002    154,000
2003    124,500
2004    146,200
2005    181,100
2006    217,400
2007    367,073
2008    371,269
2009    362,300
2010    385,010
2011    433,689
2012    385,410
2013    408,060
2014    226,133
2015    170,630
2016    256,661